Moore and Giles Leather Messenger Bag

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As you’ll all know, the little details are
what separate good pieces from great ones. Some would say that the devil’s in
the details – but not Brandish, because that phrase doesn’t make sense. A
perfect example of good detailing is this Moore and Giles leather messenger

Whilst from the picture it looks like any
other leather bag – a bit Dunlop even, if you excuse my French – on the inside
it turns into a picture of perfection.

While most bags settle with giving you one
zip compartment, Moore and Giles give you two. Yes, two. One on the inside and
the outside, meaning you don’t have to waste valuable nanoseconds lifting up a
flap to put things into your bag. On the inside, there are three penholders and
a compartment for your phone/MP3 player, just so you can have some weight
lifted from your pockets. The bag was available from Blackbird at the cost of $345,
but they’ve sold out.