Henry Conway: Queen Sloane, scandalmonger and living end

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I came up with the term ‘living end’ a few years ago to describe people like Henry Conway and I’ve still not yet decided whether its complimentary or not. Either way Henry Conway is a living end to the death, he’s hit the headlines recently after a scandal involving his MP father paying him a researcher’s wage for er, presumably nothing more than being his son.

Hadders describes him
as someone who has ‘stepped straight out of a novel’ and she couldn’t
be more accurate. He calls himself Queen Sloane and in the picture on
the left I’d be darned if he don’t look like some nu-prep Byron. Having
said that I’m quite impressed with yesterday’s outfit to brave the
paps, the plume of hair has been tamed to a small wave and the sunnies
and pea coat combo reminds me of a latter-day Joe Meek.
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