Style over fashion in the New York Times

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In a recent post for the New York Times David Colman gets all excited about conservative style. He’s not talking about Webcameron’s boxers, but how the big menswear movers and shakers take a pared down approach to their dress: “The simpler the better,” said Tommy Fazio, the men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman. “I basically wear navy and gray, so everything is interchangeable. If you think about your closet, there are 10 things you always wear. So you pack those things, some basics to go with, and you can travel for two weeks.”

Scott Schuman’s Sartorialist site features exactly the kind of
lowkey recherché style mavens Dolman is talking about. “People say to
me: ‘Why do you shoot editors? They’re not real people,’
” Schuman said. “But they are. They’re professionals with deadlines
and work to do. It may seem romantic, but these guys are up at 8, going
to shows all day and then out to dinner with an advertiser. You see
them beautifully dressed, but they’re also practical. It’s about
getting from Point A to Point B.”

The accompanying shots give a good approximation of how to do
understated style, the more formal ones are perhaps a little stuffy but the rest (see above) are marvellously subtle.

Olivier Lalanne, the editor of Vogue
Hommes International said: “I am very low-key. I dress very conservatively — I
think most editors do — almost to the point of being boring.” Lalanne went on to add “You can’t tell it’s expensive
unless you touch me,” demonstrating that even pared down style has its price.