Kanye and Estelle: American Boy

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KanyeThe UK just doesn’t know what to do with it’s Black musical talent. Look at our Black British singers and you have a catalogue of perennial under-achievers: Beverly Knight, Jamelia, Craig David, Kele Le Roc, the list goes on. It’s as true in music as it is in fashion: we just don’t know how to cash in on our homegrown talent.

Estelle is one such artist who could be huge if she’d had the right backing and right promotion – have you heard the track she did with Ben Watt? Amazing. Her next single, American Boy, is probably make it or break it for her as the label’s pulled out the bucks to get Kanye West to lend his support on this cute little ditty about love across the cultural divide.
In the lyrics Kanye shows his appreciation for his dapper British cousins: ‘Dressed smart like a London Bloke. Before he speak his suit bespoke’.

Aw, thanks Kanye! If you look at the photos from the video shoot which Kanye has posted on his blog, we see him showing his love for UK style with a wee Duggie Fields Michael Jackson badge, which are available from Comme des Garçons’ Dover Street Market store. Duggie, like Andrew Logan was one of the English Eccentrics featured in CDG’s last collection. It’s a small gesture but it’s appreciated.
[Pics via KanyeUniversity]