Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Scrub

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KeihlsAs your skin gets older, it loses its ability to renew itself, so you sometimes need an exfoliator like Kiehl’s Energising Scrub to give you a bit of a hand scraping those layers of dead skin off your face.

Not only does this help the younger skin cells shine through, it also helps prevent the in-growing hairs you get from shaving- no small bonus if like me you’ve got curly hair and often have to excavate the little bastards with a pin. Too much detail? Let’s move on.

Kiehl’s is a brand which is very good for presents – it’s quite pricey
so you feel a bit self indulgent buying it for yourself but is a nice
treat which everyone will appreciate. Their Facial Fuel range contains
things like caffeine, menthol and lemon and orange peel which makes
your skin tingle and feel all electric and alive. This exfoliating
scrub also includes apricot kernel particles to really slough off that
skin. It definitely makes you feel fresh as a new laid egg, which is
nice, but if I had to choose one thing from the range it would be the
moisturiser (which you may remember makes me look like a teenager… It does!).