Topman: Beach Shop

Will Reid Clothing, News Leave a Comment

Now I promise we’re not being paid to talk about Topman but its hard to find fault in this modern-man brand. First we heard about the Lens collection and now I am pleased to present the Topman Beach Shop. I know that we’re just entering February (possibly the most dark and depressing month of the year) but isn’t it time we start to compile our wardrobes for the summer?

The Beach Shop has items that can be all worn together for that "fun in the sun without ruining your outfit" look as well as tops and bottoms that can be worn at the moment for a bit of a colour boost. 

There is a burnt orange t-shirt that would look great when layered with
cooler colours, a black blazer and jeans or the purple printed t-shirt
that could be worn with a black jacket and grey tweed trousers. Forget
the cold and the rain because in fashion it’s summer-go wild! Product
details after the jump.
Beach shorts: £18. Vest top: £6. Sunglasses: £12.