Biotherm Homme Cleansing Gel

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Biothermwash_2Biotherm is one of my favourite cosmetic lines. Their cosmetics are light and fragrant and feel very expensive without actually being too expensive.
Before it was available in this country, my Canadian friend introduced me to it. The fact that my countrymen couldn’t enjoy it’s benefits just added to its exoticism – imagine my chagrin when it finally became available on these shores. Hrumph.

Anyway, I’m resigned to that now, so I’m happy to share what I know
about it. As you may remember, I’m road testing a few cosmetics for
Brandish and the next one is Biotherm Homme’s Cleansing Gel.

The gel contains salicylic acid which helps soften dead skin and your
beard so your skin feels rejuvenated and is ready for shaving. It makes
a really light foam when you use it, which convinces you that it’s
special. You feel nice and clean afterwards but you don’t get that
horrible tightness you sometimes get with other lesser brands. At £15
it isn’t cheap but it’s nice for a treat.