Philip Lim at New York Fashion Week

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Men’s fashion weeks are a fairly new thing, but already it seems weird to see men’s and womenswear on the same catwalk, and I think the menswear suffers for it.
A case in point is the aforementioned Philip Lim. When you look at the luscious fabrics, the dramatic silhouettes and the intricate detailing that he’s lavished on the female form in his current collection, and then compare it to the classic unadorned practical shapes in which he’s clothed his male models, you can’t help feeling men are getting a bit of a raw deal.

Would the Philip Lim woman want to be seen on the arm of the Philip Lim man? I doubt it. Only if she was trying to create an understated frame for her beautiful picture.
It’s like men don’t need that sense of longing, to feel the heady rush of cupidity and aspiration, which surely any designer should want to inspire. If you can achieve that for womenswear, why aren’t you doing it for men’s too? To put such opposing poles on the catwalk together, just highlights the disparity.
I’m sure I’d think Philip Lim was quite lovely if I didn’t know he was capable of so much more.
[Pics via Catwalking]