Ewan McGregor for Davidoff ‘Adventure.’

Will Reid Heroes and Celebrities Leave a Comment

Davidoff20adventure_2 The first images of Ewan McGregor for Davidoff have managed to sneak their way onto my computer screen and so far they look very promising- and very Ewan. The nomadic scarf and excess facial hair along with that motorbike hovering in the background are pure ‘Long Way Down’ and prefect for the new fragrance, ‘Adventure.’ Ewan, a celebrity who has tried to escape the limelight, suprised some by agreeing to star in the fragrance campaign but he says that "the concept of the films for Adventure was about a guy travelling on a motorcycle and that seemed to be right". No doubt the choice of Ewan as model will boost sales and attract the attention of both those looking for a hero and a heart-throb.

Click here to see the Davidoff Adventure video featuring Ewan McGregor.