Jil Sander Rucksack

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The problem with a backpack is that you can all too easily look like a teenager – and not in the good way that I look like a teenager (wrinkle-free and full of vim and vigour) but in a very very bad way (the way that Cher looks like a teenager).
And yet backpacks are very practical. Who wants to be carrying a bag? You might need your hands for all sorts of things in the course of a day (eating, waving, defending yourself from an assailant). And a shoulder bag is not a good option, constantly slipping and bumping against your hip.
Jil Sander has a solution: this delightful rucksack in grey leather It’s pure luxury in a quietly confident way – smart enough to show you mean business but slouchy enough to show it doesn’t have delusions of grandeur.
Available from Oki-Ni.