VMAN 10- Spring/Summer 2008- Boy Toys

Will Reid Accessories, News Leave a Comment

Vman10_boytoyl1_2The next issue of VMAN magazine looks set to make the monthly magazine pile if the following taster is anything to go by. The editorial in question is ‘Boy Toys,’ a story on the latest men’s accessories. It is a feature that mixes trademark V-publication graphic design with great photography by Erwan Frontin for a dynamic and embarrassingly alluring take on this season’s must-haves. I’m not sure whether it is the Transformer-style set design, fluorescent backgrounds or pure robo-brilliance but for some reason this spread draws the reader in and you can’t help thinking how clever the V-team is. I know its clichéd but I can’t think of a more suitable way to sum up this editorial than to say, “Mission accomplished.”

See after the jump for the second picture.