Nylon February 2008-The Kills

Will Reid Heroes and Celebrities Leave a Comment


If you read the titles of the latest Nylon cover; "London Calling," "Get inspired by the coolest city in the World!" and "Brilliant British Beauty from the Queen to Kate Moss," you would be forgiven for thinking this was just another ‘Cool Britannia’ issue where the rich and famous club kids, models and Skins extras give bullet-point answers to mediocre interviews and direct us on a wild goose chase that eventually leads to some dingy old club.

Pardon my bitterness but fashion is fickle and this seems to be a trend that began in the 60s and just won’t die out (along with jumpsuits, play-suits and any other type of suit that can’t be worn to the office.) However, if you look further and divert your tired eyes from the bright titles, you will realise that the cover stars two of the coolest people on the Planet- Jamie "Hotel" Hince and Alison "VV" Mosshart.  With Hince being the current beau of Kate Moss (a welcome relief after Pete Doherty) and Mosshart being seen at shows with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs, it is no wonder that this indie group is being welcomed onto the cover of a magazine reserved for the trendiest fashion darlings. Inside we have ‘250 of the best bargains and boutiques from Notting Hill to Hackney’ as well as Prince Harry’s favourite club and Amy Winehouse’s favourite pub (possibly one to stay away from!) Pick this up for an authentic taste of London’s high-flyers and savour the style-savvy of the British fash-pack. Let’s just hope this issue is the Anglomania amazement needed to finish this trend.