Trends: Watch & Wear- Le Freak c’est Chic!

Will Reid Clothing 2 Comments

Tb The time has come for the return of the eccentric dresser. But before you all stop reading this, firm in the belief that I have finally cracked, I promise that I am not subliminally feeding you pages from ‘An Idiot’s Guide to … being an Idiot,’ but instead providing you with an outfit that will allow you to get freaky without the raised eyebrows- more crinkled blazer than straitjacket.

See after the jump for a great, freak-chic outfit.


As seems to be the norm with this feature, this is a trend that designers explored in various degrees. Thom Browne’s latest collection featured nipple-high waistbands and cropped sleeves (as highlighted by our own Tim Hunter) and the show was introduced as "the craziest show on Earth." The model’s look would be undoubtedly hard to wear as a whole (I’m talking Siouxsie Sioux eyes and chains,) but if you look at the clothes alone, there were a few solid pieces.

Calvin Klein, a brand based on modern simplicity, adorned casual trousers with patterns of leather piping and contrasting fabrics. Teamed with shirts in neutral colours  and long dress coats, the pieces were made wearable and adapted for both day and night. As expected from Comme Des Garcons, the fashion freak was given a collection made up of tie-dye suits and chain collars and we saw more cropped sleeves and outrageous hemlines.

In terms of adapting this look for yourself, I have found pieces that can be worn to create an outfit that you won’t be embarrassed to go out in. This cropped sleeve jacket from Comme Des Garcons is a perfect piece for a low-key look and these olive jeans from Uniqlo are subtle but still cheap-freak! Wear this simple top and PVC (who says we’ve moved on from fetish?) belt from Topman (all above) and you’re set for a brilliantly strange day.

Belt, Topman, £10.00 Top, Topman, £6.00 Jeans, Uniqlo, £24.99 Jacket, Browns, £770