Gareth Pugh at London Fashion Week

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Mr Tumnas* trousers anyone? No, didn’t think so, but then that’s not what outré designers like Gareth Pugh are for. He exists so Kylie can wear him and people will say “Ooh, Kylie’s wearing Gareth Pugh, she’s still got it”.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Gareth Pugh’s great. He’s a real auteur and has the ability to create breathtaking looks.

The silhouettes he creates are always so striking, different and original but always recognisably his.
The coat above for instance, is incredible – that stiff full skirt and the samurai shoulders are innovative and dramatic. Geodesic puff sleeves (as shown on the jacket on the right) obviously just speak for themselves. Bloody brilliant.
So what if you couldn’t wear his clothes to go shopping in Morrison’s? Gareth Pugh gives the world a reason for British fashion – a reason they don’t understand, but a reason nonetheless.
[Pics by Catwalking] *Mr Tumnas is the fawn from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (of course).