McConaughey the new face of Dolce & Gabanna Scent

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McconaugheyPoor old Matthew McConaughey can’t even take his shirt off without hundreds of paparazzi invading his privacy with their long lenses. At least that seems to be the message of the new Dolce & Gabanna The One perfume ad in which Matty is followed through Venice by men with cameras just waiting to get a shot of his abs. It’s so terrible being beautiful, isn’t it, Matthew?

So it’s the paparazzi, just waiting to snap you in the altogether, rather than the fact that your shirtless in EVERY film you’re in, that means I’m more accustomed to seeing your nipples than my own? Bitch please.

Quite ironic that the man who apparently doesn’t wear deodorant because he doesn’t like to smell like someone else, is advertising a perfume but there you have it. It’s a mixed up world we live in.