Perez Hilton looks vile… again.

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79857263_2I was left really uninspired by the men at last night’s Brits. What a snivelling, dull bunch they seemed next to all those fabulous dames. Makes me want to become a lesbian.

However, when scrolling through the red carpet picks, I discovered this poisonous confection which I just couldn’t let pass without comment. I can’t bear Perez. I think he’s a poisonous little twerp. Not that that’s a bad thing per se but it bothers me that he doesn’t offer any of his own inadequacies for ridicule, just picks on other people’s, and I think that’s just rude. Wasn’t he brought up proper? Plus he reminds me of a Beagle Boy.

Whenever I see him dressed in something vile like this, it seems like he’s just trying to look hideous so he can act like he looks bad on purpose.

Nothing screams “I hate myself” quite like wearing a Hello Kitty shower cap to an award show.
But Perez, it doesn’t have to be this way. As I’m fond of saying
“There’s no such thing as ugly, there’s just badly-dressed”. I’m sure
he could find something flattering if he just thought he deserved to be
Damn, I’ve been so bitchy about him, now I feel sorry for him. I hate it when that happens.
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