Pete Doherty turns down modelling gig

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According to Dlisted, Pete Doherty has turned down a modelling job offer from because there wasn’t enough money it. He doesn’t get out of bed for less than £30,000 according to his people, but the site was only willing to pay £10,000.

Unpeturbed by the knock back, the site owner’s still trying to rinse some publicity out of the situation by going public with the story (which I suppose I’m helping here – drat). “Oo does ‘e think ‘e is!” he balked “Claudia blinkin’ Schiffer?” (comedy cockney outrage has been added for effect).

I don’t think you’d get Claudia Schiffer for 30 large, mate.
I have to say, fair enough on Pete. The site is pretty poor and he’s got his reputation to think of (ha! Reputation!). But you know what I mean – he can’t go from Roberto Cavalli and Dior Homme to without it being worth his while.
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