Kenneth Anger Tee from Blood is the New Black

KennethAnother T-shirt trend with legs is the “So-and-so is my homegirl/boy”. I think it started with Jesus and Mary versions but there’s now millions of versions. Madonna did one for her last tour and recently I’ve seen a Barack Obama version. Topical!
Kenneth Anger is an artist film-maker who’s done all sorts of films which clever people like. Blood is the New Black’s version has a fittingly creepy hand drawn illustration of the artist. This is the women’s version but the men’s is on its way..
Available from their website.

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adminKenneth Anger Tee from Blood is the New Black
  • Mitra Khayyam

    before starting Blood is the New Black, I worked for Teenage Millionaire, the company responsible for Jesus is My Homeboy. we decided to bring it back to our roots this season.