WISHLIST: Globetrotter Suitcase

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92064_1_3I just got back from holiday (not trying to rub it in!) and one of the biggest problems I had; apart form the lack of language, skin-peeling shower and being force-fed Sky News 24/7, was that my luggage was almost impossible to recognise from the conveyor belt and at one point even picked up by a suspiciously befuddled old man.  Therefore, I have decided to invest in proper luggage with Joan Collins-style luggage awareness.

I have found this case from Globetrotter that looks set to fit the bill. In navy blue leather and delicious 100% leather, this suitcase is an 18-inch trolley case and great for a short mini-break. Now don’t be expecting to pack for a Summer Holiday fashion extravaganza but to quote form this WISHLIST item’s Browns description– “Be chic as you travel.”

Prepare for the Conveyor-belt laps and see after the jump for a different view of the case.


By Will Reid | February 25th, 2008

  • Fred

    it’s not leather at all!! it’s actually a form of CARDBOARD – albeit very strong cardboard, but cardboard none the less.

  • Will Reid

    Sorry about that- for years Brown’s has been a reputable boutique in my eyes and I know for fact that their staff are top-quality so forgive my rather unquestioning trust in them! Alot of the time you will get more from our posts if you do follow the links etc. In this case (pardon the pun,) Brown’s had listed it as 100% leather.