You Would If You Could… Bright Suits

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Markronson2_2There are endless trends and endless items you can wear to copy them. However, some looks are just out there to be seen.

You know what I’m talking about- the type of outfit that you might be let off wearing if the road was a catwalk and we were extras from Madonna’s ‘Vogue,’ throwing shapes at helpless passers-by.  This post is out there to give those looks an airing (we might just tone it down a bit!) Let’s look at the bright suit which is a current favourite among paparazzi-prone men.

William_cameron_mikaIt all started with William Cameron being featured in both Vogue’s Miss V and a Grazia (ermm….it was my sister’s) article wearing a rather vintage-tastic pistachio number. 

Then, just when the look had almost fallen off my fashion radar, Mark Ronson walked onstage at the Brit Awards in an equally show-stopping suit. With the simplicity of the white shirt and subtle hue of his metallic tie, Ronson was able to avoid the chocolate-wrapper look that has seen so many award-goers make their way onto some Worst Dressed List. Mika, another bright spark at the Brit Awards, was wearing a not so subtle green tailcoat. I personally don’t think it was quite so snazzy (did I just say that?) but then again he was on stage with Beth Ditto and we are talking about Mika. Hardly an equation for the wearable wardrobe.