Puma leopard print high tops

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There’s been a bit of a Puma overload at
Brandish lately, so I solemnly promise that this will be the last post on
anything involving Puma. Until the next one, which could be tomorrow. Hey, they
don’t say people in fashion are fickle just for alliteration purposes.

Before we go on this Puma strike, we
thought we’d show you these leopard
print high tops
, which are amazing for three reasons. 1 – they’re leopard
print; 2 – they’re purple; 3 – They’re £40. If that’s not enough to get you
dribbling over your computer, then you’re dead inside.

By admin | February 28th, 2008

  • EJ

    don’t you think that they’re a bit… emo? (says the girl wearing sparkly star-covered adidas)

  • colin

    There is no such thing as Puma overload. Keep them coming (says the boy wearing MY-1 Reborns)

  • i really really reallyyyyyy want thesee to wear to school(:
    where can i get these!
    i want them soooooo bad )):