Dazed and Confused: Madonna April 2008

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Madonnadazedconfusedcopy_6Okay, okay- so Madonna on a magazine cover isn’t strictly menswear news but if anyone has pushed the boundaries of androgyny, it’s Madonna. As she appears on the cover of the latest issue of Dazed and Confused clad in horns, Chanel boxing gloves and peek-a-boo lingerie, Madonna is once again mixing men’s and femme’s. 

In this "Issue of Reinvention," we have a 70-page fashion tribute to the star. Yes, that’s right- A 70-PAGE FASHION TRIBUTE TO MADONNA! At this point I will end the post, hide away and wait for the comments asking why I would dare raise your awareness of such a feature. This is all that’s known of the issue at the moment but more is sure to come and we will wait with baited (albeit nervous) breath for editorials, interviews and more funky fonts. I know she might be ageing, freakishly toned and (much) more muscular than I am, but with Madonna comes controversy and everyone loves drama.