J. Lindeberg Double breasted Cardigan

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In the double breasting stakes, cardigans
lag well behind coats and even hoodies. Most double breasted cardigans look
like someone decided to add another set of buttons after they’d finished making
it. J.Lindeberg have avoided this with their low cut double
breasted cardigan

The best thing about this cardigan, apart
from the double breasting, is the dark red colour. Although we love purple, it’s
nice to see something different. Also, the dark red lends itself to being matched
with either pastels or dark navys and blacks. You’ll have to hurry to get this
though – there’s only one left in Large.

By admin | March 10th, 2008

  • I just wonder about what man actually goes to the store and picks this out. It looks like one of those things made for a model or the runway, but doesn’t really have a market. I would love to hear your opinion.

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  • Jason Dike

    I don’t think this is so outrageous that only a runway model would wear it. It’s just a red cardigan, not sheer shorts or anything.

  • thank you, man