dVb- Men’s jeans by Victoria Beckham

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1522articleimage_2The latest news on the fashion circuit is of Posh Spice’s new venture-into the world of men’s jeans. According to an article on DNR, Beckham "despises skinny jeans on men." Ouch, first we have to endure the horror of her Barbie-pink twin-set and now we are treated to her ever so subtle sartorial touch. (I really do try to reserve my criticism but give a guy a break!) "Guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops–exactly how you see David when he’s out in his jeans and T-shirt," is the advice Victoria gives to the new generation of denim-doyens.

They are made from Japanese denim and design features range from the ‘aged-leather’ waistband logo to the purple pocket lining.  With the woman’s collection being stocked in stores from Colette to Harvey Nichols, it will be little surprise that the same stores are already enquiring about the brand-tastic bootlegs (denim not drink.) Prices range from £110 to £143 and the designs hit the market in August.

"These are not skinny jeans. They are what I call proper men’s
jeans. If you are a man that likes really skinny jeans, very fashiony,
this isn’t really the line for you. I didn’t want anything too tight
around the crotch. That really repulses me. It might be fashionable,
but you are not going to get that from dVb.”

Well Mrs. Beckham, I
happen to quite like my Jagger-jean style and although I may "repulse"
you, I think I will stick to my guns until I have further reason to
switch camps (a free pair might just do the trick.)