Why Short Shorts haven’t caught on

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The last few days have been a bit of a short shorts fest here at Brandish. While they can look good, I’m still not convinced. For
me, short shorts conjure up images of Club Tropicana-era George Michael and
that’s not a look I wish to emulate.

It’s my theory that George Michael is the reason that the whole short shorts
thing hasn’t caught on. Most people don’t like to admit that Club Tropicana
is a great song and call it a guilty pleasure. This then leads to years of
angst, as they rename George Michael songs to a Radiohead B-side in order to
avoid heckling from their friends, who are also secret Wham lovers.
They then spend years pretending to like artists like Joanna Newsom, while
going home and listening to Wham’s greatest hits. Short shorts evoke all these
painful memories in an instant and repel any potential buyer. That’s just my
theory, feel free to add yours.