My Theory- The Future of Short Shorts

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“You were on my mind at least nine tenths of yesterday, it seemed as if perhaps I’d gone insane. What is it about you that has commandeered my brain? Maybe it’s your…” Kimya Dawson’s brilliant lyrics ring through my head as I realise that it appears I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than listen to the Juno soundtrack (heads up my friends, it’s great) and appear pensive and philosophical while typing away at my laptop. That is until you know what is causing me so much mental frustration- I am deciding upon my ‘theory’ (as named by Jason and furthered by Isabelle) regarding the devious short shorts trend.

Short shorts were a feature of last season’s shows and where better to take lead from than the trend-barometer that is the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection (right.) I was quite comfortably on the fence until I received a peculiar delivery from a well-intentioned but elderly great-uncle.

33p00sble_largeAs I opened with bated breath a bin liner bag I felt my jaw drop in horror at its contents- two pairs of vintage short shorts. I felt the burn of family gift-giving weigh upon my hunched back and engineered an excruciatingly false smile over my face. The shorts were a. women’s, b. fitted with a depressing 18-inch waist and c. high-waisted to the point where Tim’s term ‘Hoisties’ makes you feel slightly ill.  However, this event acted as somewhat of an enlightenment- my disappointment only made me realise how much I long for a cool pair of short shorts.

So Jason, my theory; we only resist because we don’t yet have a short shorts-role model. As soon as some unshaven and unheard rocker starts strutting Primrose Hill in these beauties, we will all be making vacating wardrobe space.

Shorts, Topman, £22