Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is the latest star to dip into fashion

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80023235.jpgPete Wentz, bassist for Fall Out Boy and otherwise known as Ashlee Simpson’s boyfriend, has hit the fashion sphere.

Wentz has signed on to launch a junior sportswear line exclusive to Nordstrom in the US. The collection, which will carry the Clandestine Industries label, will feature graphic T-shirts, hoodies, denim jeans and accessories.

Last year, Wentz teamed up with DKNY Jeans (who are now collaborating with Rachel Bilson) to create a limited edition line of jeans. Since then the Clandestine Industries brand has continued selling online and from a boutique in his hometown of Chicago.

“I really liked Nordstrom because of their openness. They were really open to allowing me to do what I wanted to do and they wanted the brand to speak for itself. They let Clandestine be Clandestine, which is nice,” he said.

Wentz’s new collection for Nordstrom hits stores next month, retailing between $28 and $68.

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