Marc Jacobs spoof adverts by Hart+Larsson

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Forget Holy Moly or Popbitch on this pre-bank holiday work slump, while away a couple of hours on Hart+Larsson’s website for they are the geniuses behind the Marc Jacobs spoof adverts doing the rounds on the web at the moment. The images were posted on The New Enthusiasm and display all the hallmark characteristics of a Marc Jacobs ad except with Hart and Larsson themselves dressing as Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. Somehow I think after this ol’ blue hair will have to change advertising tack, or else get Hart+Larsson on board, which would be amazing times infinity.
Fashionista were the ones who got to the bottom of mystery, when they received an email from the mischievous pair; see after the jump to read the email and for more of the inspired images.

hart larsson new enthusiasm marc jacobs spoof juergen teller2.jpg

Hello Natalie.

We’re photographers and filmmakers and advertising creatives.

We like to explore and to experiment and to challenge tired notions of what is and what is not.

The New Enthusiasm is our platform.

The New Enthusiasm is the new order of the very thing we are all witnessing.

We’re huge Marc Jacobs fans. And Juergen Teller too.

We aim to flatter.

We thank you in kind.

Have a great day.


And they shot over another email when she carried on asking questions:

ohhhhhh Natalie, we love you and your persistence

For fun.

These are not scheduled to run anywhere but in your pretty little head tonight (just you wait).