Yay or Nay? Make up for men

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Over at Kiss and Make Up Zara is showcasing JPG, the range of men’s make up by Jean Paul Gaultier, which is an extensive line of 17 products ranging from a fairly conventional face scrub to a more adventurous ‘fluid bronze multi complexion’.
My indie-boy friends in their youth used to sometimes smear a bit of eyeliner or mascara for a night out and some of my gay friends have been known to whack on a bit of fake tan or a hint of blusher but that’s as far as it goes make up-wise for them.
We’re going to put the JPG cosmetics to the test soon on an unsuspecting staff member in what should be a memorable video, but in the meantime take our poll to let me know what you think of manouflage.

There are mentions of grooming in the bible, and the Romans bleached, depilated and preened as much as any woman but by the time Queen Victoria was on the throne male grooming had largely fallen out of favour. So are you a Roman or a Victorian when it comes to make up?