Chris Taylor’s madras shirt

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three check madras shirts vintage.jpg
So the news is in on the provenance of Chris Taylor’s shirt and unfortunately it’ll be hard to get the exact same one. With the nonchalance of someone who doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job (jealous, moi?) the Grizzly Bear clarinettist simply replied:
It’s just a thrift store shirt I found somewhere on tour
Which means that if you want to emulate the look you’ll have to scour the vintage shops or simply take your pick from the three shirts I’ve dug out for you. Product details after the jump.

’80s western shirt, Rusty Zipper: reduced to $14.40. Plaid work shirt, Peppermint Vintage: $11.99. Teal plaid shirt, Plaid Pony Vintage: $22.