Trends: Watch and Wear- Fashion’s Pick ‘n’ Mix

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brandishreidtrendwatch.jpgSince the beginning of time, life, and our own existence, man has been fascinated with choice. From peace protests to monumental civil rights movements, we have always had a taste for the mish-mash aspect of life. This obsession with accessibility has been translated onto the season’s catwalks, designers showed a mixture of fabrics and styles to form a collage of culture and a sartorial storyboard of their travels.

From Dries Van Noten to Miu Miu, this was a look that designers embraced and with its increasing popularity among the fash-pack it is one that I’m sure will make a splash in the coming months.

brandishreidtrendwatch2.jpgCheck out most catwalk shows and there is a thread of this look. From multi-tone cardigans to full-on tweed turbans it appears that the indecisiveness of fashion royalty such as Miuccia Prada and Paul Smith has led to one of the most up-and-coming trends.

The title of this article might induce painful reminisce of teenage-afternoons spent in sickly-scented Woolworth’s but fear not. This is for once a look that you can create without even a chance (the writer accepts no responsibility for social suicide) of looking mental-patient-esque. Chances are you already have the base of elements of the look but simply need to mix and match them Galliano nomad-chic style in order to be completely on-trend. Look at this Miu Miu tie from the Start Boutique for a work-friendly and easy look. Try a pair of plimsolls from Topman to re-ignite those memories of childhood P.E and relax into the trend with heavy jumpers and retro sports jackets or thick scarfs and thin cashmere. This is all about adding one thing and taking away another. Picking and mixing but also selecting. Don’t be tempted to go overboard- learn from the 11-year olds and know that the extra jelly-dolphin will only make you ill. Stay stylish, stay fresh and make like a circus act and live life in the balance.

(Images: Runway look,, Marcio Madeira, Tie, Start Boutique)