Kim Jones Umbro trainers

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Umbro aren’t a brand you associate with style. No matter what they do, when people think Umbro, they think football. It’s an image association that the company are finding impossible to shake, which is a shame as their Kim Jones collaboration has produced some great trainers, with
these Mid-tops
the pick of an impressive bunch.

Whilst I’m sure no Brandish readers commit
this felony, I’ve started to notice an alarming number of people wearing Mid to
High tops and covering them with jeans that cover the majority of the trainer.
Doesn’t this defeat the point of wearing high trainers?

But enough about my pet peeves, these
trainers are available for a very affordable £60. Considering an Alexander
McQueen Puma trainer costs upwards of £150, these are bargains of Del-boy

By admin | March 27th, 2008

  • Ghost

    Sometimes you have no choice mate. I dig hi to mid top trainers but I’m not a fan of shorts or short inseam trousers either…

  • I hate short inseam trousers as much as the next sane person, but don’t you feel like you’re selling your Hi-tops short?