Daniel Craig wins out over Noel Fielding by topping GQ’s best dressed list

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GQ have once again voted Daniel Craig as their best-dressed man, the bond star pipped Noel Fielding to the post who came second thanks to GQ tell us, ‘mainly the female vote’. The pint-sized comedy pixie is known for his dandy dress sense and has admitted to getting his accessories in Topshop.
There Will Be Blood Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis came third in the poll and the lovely Giles Deacon was bringing up the rear at number 19, see after the jump for the full list.

1. Daniel Craig (1)
2. Noel Fielding (new)
3. Daniel Day-Lewis (new)
4. James McAvoy (new)
5. Tom Ford (9)
6. David Beckham (6)
7. Jude Law (5)
8. David Cameron (2)
9. David de Rothschild (new)
10. David Furnish (11)
11. David Walliams (4)
12. Prince Harry (10)
13. Clive Owen (3)
14. Nicky Haslam (23)
15. Lewis Hamilton (new)
16. Jarvis Cocker (19)
17. Sir Elton John (18)
18. Sam Riley (new)
19. Giles Deacon (21)
20. David Bowie (13)