Puma pay homage to the Fresh Prince with West Philly First Rounds

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freshprince_1stround.jpgBrandish is known as being a bit of a Puma love-in. But it’s been a whole month since the last Puma related post. Plus this involves the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, automatically making it newsworthy.

Inspired by the classic sitcom, the uppers of the white/black/pink ‘West Philly’ First Rounds are wrapped in the same graffiti print that features in the title credits. And they come as part of a pack, with an acid-green digital watch, to authenticate your early ’90s ‘steez’.

The best thing is that these might actually be attainable (unlike the No Mas First Rounds, or the Alifes, which I’d still sell my nan to have.) 1032 pairs worldwide, appearing at Hanon in early May.

I await the Kenan and Kel First Rounds with baited breath.