Kim Jones Short Fashion Flick

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youwear.JPGFashionista, the fashion gossip powerhouse, has stunned me with an exciting piece of news. I read about it just over a week ago but I did a bit of research and feel that I can just about explain these rather brilliant goings-on.

Diane Pernet, the extravagant fashion persona and founder of blog ‘A Shaded View on Fashion’ has come together with Dino Dinco to create a project varied enough it will excite anyone with even the slightest knowledge of fashion. The project is called ‘You Wear It Well’ and it is a touring exhibition of short fashion films made by some of the great clotheshorses of our time.

From obvious highlight Kim Jones to the likes of Nick Knight and Ruben Toledo (a firm favourite of Brandish editor Isabelle.) The point of the project is to investigate “the intersection of fashion and film.” Pernet and Dinco felt the need to look at fashion within film on a wider scale and from a larger perspective. Two individuals who are constantly pushing the envelope, it is hardly surprisng that it took a meeting of such creatives for this to lift off the gorund. This project is actually open to the public for film submission and there is more than one edition (currently two and scouting for more.) So, do you have a creative friend and a bit of editing ability? Own a camera, a fashion-focussed mind and know a wannabe-Scorcese? This is your chance to get on board something exciting. Take a look at the project’s website.