You Would If You Could: Denim Like Dean

Will Reid Clothing, Jeans & Trousers 2 Comments

jamesdeandenim.JPGPoor Daniel Bedingfield- he crooned about his ability to be James Dean and next thing he knew he was blown out of the entertainment water by his own sister.

One thing that you will often hear fashionistos refer to is the latest ‘future classic.’ I have a problem with this term because despite its easy applicability I believe it is impossible to predict what will become a classic, an icon, a materialistic pleasure that will go on to represent an entire generation. James Dean filled this gap and from the word rebel he was the epitome of youthful cool, pulling denim off with tremendous aplomb.

Whether in the form of jackets, jeans or johdpurs, Dean managed to capture not just a mood but an industry with his laid-back cool. Every man would like to have the pleasure of his idol/sex symbol status but true men would most like his style.
Get the glare, perfect the pose and enjoy sartorial temptation behind the bikesheds. Be a rebel with a cause- and what cause could be more worthy than fashion (now that’s a half-serious joke.)