“Love Is Blind…” – True Or False?

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vanity.JPGEveryone has had that person they wanted to impress; the girl, the guy, the parent, the boss. And what better medium than fashion? Whether it’s the Louboutin slutty-stiletto (for the girls let me say) or one of Armani’s finest suits, the right look can make or break a first date.

So when Mick Jagger, a living legend with everything but height and anti-wrinkle cream on his side, took his fiancée L’Wren Scott (6′ 4″ to Mick’s 5′ 10″) to the premiere of ‘Shine a Light’ (the Rolling Stones’ new ‘rockumentary’) it was clear that he felt the need to give himself a bit of a sartorial boost. So how true is it that “love isn’t finding a perfect person, it’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly?”

Read on for more celeb examples and rather mean imagery.

(Image Source: Getty/ Pacific Coast News/Get Lippy)

jagger.JPGJordan had breast reductions, Liam Gallagher had a shower and a shave and only yesterday we saw that Ben Stiller (a man who’s made his money not taking himself seriously) had dyed his hair to fight the greys. Was it all in the name of love (his wife was with him at the event) or do I have to get all Times-like on you and ask for us to take a look at our own expectations?

In fact the only male celeb I haven’t seen on the red carpet accompanied by his partner all glossy and clean is Brad Pitt at a premiere in 2001 when he decided to rock up with a long, dirty beard.

Well look how that relationship worked out.