Man About Town- Issue 2- Hayden Christensen

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hayden6.JPGSo I realise that this is the second time we ( fine, I) have looked at Hayden Christensen on a magazine cover over a relatively short time period but surely a young male celebrity who has every reason to be guarded with the use of his image but agrees to be on the cover of a men’s (non-dirty) magazine in only its second issue deserves to mentioned in our blog? Now better looking blog I might mention.

That and the fact that this issue contains interviews with Alexander McQueen, Editorials with Catherine McNeil, Sean Opry, Camilla Akrans and a whole feature shot underwater. Honestly, am I the only one supressing their child-like excitement here?

hayden7.JPGNow that I have had chance to articulate my ‘Vote Underground Mags’ monologue I will get down to the well-dressed business at hand. Firstly, we have ‘Who Is Hayden?’- the cover editorial and 13-page blend of polaroid-style shots, experimental photography and good old-fashioned styling. Let’s just pretend that there isn’t also a five page interview.

As well as this refreshing not-all-about-me feature, we have a parody centrefold with three fantastic (and clean) shots of Catherine McNeil. The three main editorials are called ‘Over Acheiver,’ ‘The New Dandy’ and ‘Elements and Gravity.’ ‘Over Acheiver’ is photographed by Alexi Lubomirski and ‘The New Dandy’ is a whole 26 pages of Cartwright Lee shot by Terry Tsiolis. At the moment, I am only able to source Hayden’s editorial but when more of the issue is released I’ll post some highlights. ‘Elements and Gravity’ is shot by Solve Sundsbo and with it being an underwater shoot looks set to be worth a look! Recently Solve has been venturing towards male-based editroials- who could forget this months GQ Style.

In terms of special features I am looking forward to a collaboration-style piece between Camilla Akrans (photographer) and Roberto González Fernández (artist). Only an underground magazine would give a 34-page long feature and I’m sure that with the creative history of both contributors it will be worth it. Also, interviews with Alexander McQueen and Italo Zucchelli (of Calvin Klein) will no doubt prove worthwhile.

Give it a go and if nothing watch out for future editions of this brilliant bi-annual.