Leather accessories, courtesy of Tanner

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tanner.jpgMore bags, this time they’re from TANNER. Cut, sewn and handstitched from single hides, the messengers are constructed to be ‘functionally sound, utilitarian, and durable’. So rather good then. Since they’re handmade from scratch, custom adjustments can be made for pocket sizes or stitch colour. Of course, all the fun in owning a bag like this is watching the leather mature over time – well worth the investment.

Tanner good & accessories, including their expanded range of belts and wallets…

By admin | April 8th, 2008

  • Ghost

    Love the design and shape of it but wish the leather could be thicker.

    If you guys are really into leather goods and by that i mean in this form, I recommend Red Moon in Japan. They have some amazing pieces. Particularly their wallets and bags.