Style Icons: Mad Men

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If you work in an office dominated by a smart casual dress code, you may find yourself actually wanting to wear a suit from time to time. For these people, Mad Men has become compulsive viewing. Not just because it’s a great show, but it harks back to a time when men actually wore all three pieces of their suit to work. Today’s average rucksack carrying, shirt and no tie wearing office worker could do with taking a few style tips from Don Draper (pictured left).

For those who haven’t watched Mad Men, it’s a show about the lives, wives, affairs and mistresses of an advertising agency in the 1960’s. After the racism, sexism and the fact that everyone smokes (even inside!) the first thing you’ll notice is that everyone is wearing suits. Not a lazy shirt and trousers either, a full blown suit, complete with pocket square. As Don Draper is the main protagonist, he gets to wear the best suits, but let’s not count out John Sterling (right) whose real name is ‘I know that face, I just can’t remember where from’. Also high in the style stakes is Harry (centre) who wears a bowtie without any sense of irony.

If you want to watch Mad Men, but haven’t started yet you’re best off buying the box set as it’s quite a slow building show and missing the first half of the season will ruin your enjoyment of it. The other option would be torrents, I’m not advocating it, just saying it’s an option. Just in case some copyright enforcer is reading this, I should state that for every torrent you download, a baby in Uzbekistan spontaneously combusts. Fact.