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We’ve got a great pick of the blogs for you this week, Style Salvage Steve EJ is also thinking about quiffs, more specifically the Mozza kind who is his her current style inspiration.
Filep Motwary interviews emerging menswear designer Sotiris Georgiou, saying: “Do you understand what it means to me, seeing more people loving fashion in this depressing city I live in?” Come on Filep, Athens can’t be that bad can it? We are all looking at the hail and lightning outside the Shiny Towers window at the moment and wishing we were anywhere but London.

Being short is no problem as Off the Cuff have some great sartorial tips for the shorter gentleman.
We reported the news that Daniel Craig won the GQ best-dressed list for the second time (something to do with the new bond film?), I Luw Fashion also covers this and is lamenting the lack of interesting style icons.
And finally… Kanye West posts a picture of a wood grain-effect car, amazing or tacky what do you think? I love it!