Dazed & Confused: Kevin May 2008

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dazed.JPGWhat do you get when you combine a fashion director, a fairly underground-style publication, techno dancers and new fashion? No, not a waft of nostalgia (at least I should hope not) and not a drug-fuelled roller-disco but the latest Dazed & Confused cover.

This is big not only because Dazed has decided to give a male model its cover but also because this male model is an unknown. In fact according to the notorious fashion grapevine, Kevin is not a model at all but a dancer caught up in “Tecktonick” (a dance supposedly all the rage in France!)

Read on for the full editorial and more on the issue.

The cover story is called ‘Flashdance’ and features Kevin in a series of dancing style shots with the looser fashion of the season captured in a clubby, smoke and strobe light setting. With Nicola Formichetti styling, you expect a certain level of fashion brilliance but not only does this shoot reach the bar of Nicola’s past but we are provided with a fresh concept and shrouding model mystery. The shoot is also photographed by Laurence Passera, another strong sartorial player. Now all I have to do is learn how to Tecktonick- as if we men didn’t suffer enough already!





(Image Source: Nicola Formichetti’s Blog)