Red Dot I heart MYself t-shirt

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ilovemetee.JPGTim, who I’m sure is looking down on us from the sky or a computer, had featured some Beyond the Valley t-shirts which featured several takes on the I heart NY shirt. Red Dot have carried on this rich theme, with their I heart MYself top.

It’s rare that such a simple tee will work on so many levels. Well, I say many, it really only works on two levels. On one hand, it could be seen as a smart take on the whole I heart NY tees, which it is. On the other hand it can be seen as the ultimate in insecurity, needing a t-shirt that says that you heart yourself. I mean, say I heart myself out loud. Doesn’t it sound stupid?

As you can probably judge from the preceding paragraph, I’m in two minds about this top. It manages to reek of desperation while being witty at the same time, what’s a guy to do?