Pop Quiz: Which one of these jackets is Dior Homme?

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blks_leather.jpgAnswer: Neither. Although these leathers bear a striking resemblance to those that have featured in Dior Homme collections over the past couple of years, they are in fact the work of Black Scissors, leathercrafters from South Wales who are increasingly building a reputation for their custom tailoring.

Recently, their work has reopened a popular debate.

Many of the custom designs are heavily influenced by existing pieces from labels like Dior Homme and Rick Owens, with enough unique detail to avoid litigation over design patents.

At £200, the jackets are selling at a fraction of the price of their runway equivalents, however, those who have already bought are already eulogising about the the quality of work. It’s raised the question: are these just high quality knock-offs? Or an acceptably-priced alternative to runway fashion?

On first thought, it’s easy to side with the argument the whole operation is a couple of steps up from the ‘replica’/fake stuff being flogged on eBay. But isn’t this what we’ve seen from high-street retailers for years now?