Henrik Vibskov’s Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory collection

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I’ve just stumbled across Henrik Vibskov’s menswear collection and on first glance it’s a bit intimidating but I’m intrigued by the brick print tank top and I love what he’s doing with madras. Individually I think the pieces are really strong and the Aztec/computer game pixellated knits are the height of geek chic.
Shift mag have got an interesting interview with the Danish designer in which he comes across as a genuinely creative and interesting person.


I love his description of playing with Lego (also of Danish origin) as a child:
“I had a brother and a sister that were quite a lot older than me, so i was often on my own, and ended up playing by myself, in my own world. I had a lot of time to kill, especially when I went to the sea with my parents. I had to make my own fun, by playing with lots of lego and amuse my self with my own imagination.”

I’ve heard quite a few designers at talks and they all seem like quite an inarticulate bunch but Henrik seems to be a bit sharper than most:
“I was awarded the prize for ‘best fashion name of the year’, and it was presented by the Danish Cultural Minister at the Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen. Everyone was clapping, and he was saying how fantastic it is, that the government can provide this support for creative people, and so on. But one of the reasons why my label became successful was because I got this working grant from the Royal Danish Art Foundation, which was abolished as a part of the new government.

He was standing there all cool, and when I gave my acceptance speech I said – thank you very much, but how I started this project was due to a grant from a program that you actually closed down. It’s just a little bit hypocritical. The organisers drowned out my speech with ‘thank you, thank you’, and nearly pulled me off stage. And I also started talking about the Iraq war, and how I didn’t agree with the decision the Government made. Clearly I was going in the wrong direction for this event!”

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