Poll: Flat-top haircuts, yay or nay?

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elvis quiff.jpgI wrote a piece on flat-top haircuts yesterday and I know that EJ at Style Salvage would probably give them a thumbs up but what about the rest of you?

Elvis sported the flat-top’s forebear, the quiff and his haircut apparently got voted the most iconic hairstyle (I never trust these surveys!) so he must have been doing something right. Post your vote after the jump.

By admin | April 16th, 2008

  • Will Reid

    Aww- just when I was tempted to grow my hair out and try it I see that picture of Elvis and know I will only look like a wannabe loser.

    However, fear not- while the mullet may have been avoided if I get this, it’ll be a monumental Brandish moment (and possible future ruin!)

    Why not, eh?

  • Maddix

    that’s not a flat top, thats an east coast pompadour. A flat top does not curl over on top and generally the sides and back are cut high and tight. A quiff is an african-american version or the pompadour as well.