US GQ- May 2008: Robert Downey Jr.

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Yesterday, I really enjoyed Jason’s piece on the right-wing tendencies of modern magazines but this obviously doesn’t apply in America- well that’s if the latest US GQ cover is anything to go by. The actor Robert Downey Jr. stars and this time it is not with props from his latest Iron Man movie (ah, Gwyneth) but in seemingly fetish-inspired stocking hats and stripes. Would you expect anything less from Terry Richardson?

“The jail time, the lousy movies… Those days are gone…in the best shape of his (very hard-lived) life, throwing back algae shakes, developing the armor of a superhero, and yes, conquering demons.”

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rdj2.jpg“Twenty-one years after Less Than Zero, fifteen years after an Oscar nomination for Chaplin, twelve years after his first arrest, seven years since his last arrest, having taken some smaller and supporting roles lately, as well as some weird jobs, and mastered each of those, always magnetic and riveting, regardless of the project–well, now, finally, Downey will headline a blockbuster, Iron Man, a reported $186 million comic-book-superhero movie directed by Jon Favreau. His Hasbro action figure has just arrived in the mail.”

Downey Jr. is almost as famous for his private life as his film career but the interview presents him as a witty and deserving success-story. With “photos of Downey and Susan taped above the refrigerator: with President Bush and Mrs. Bush; with Tom Cruise, Mrs. Cruise, and Suri in a group hug on-set in Hawaii. The week’s schedule, in brightly colored fonts for easy reading, hangs from the bulletin board,” we are left feeling all warm and fuzzy at Downey’s lifestyle turnaround.

Whether this is a paid-for marketing technique or a sign of Hollywood-horror hope, the accompanying shoot is left-wing to an extreme and Mapplethorpe-esque in its modernity. Downey’s film ‘Iron Man’ is yet to appear as thrilling.

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