Acne Jeans – Why settle for less?

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acnejeans.jpgWhy do people put such a low price limit when jeans shopping? Don’t give me the price nonsense either. If you spend £50 on jeans which develop holes after 3 months, then you’ll need to replace them. Do this 3 or 4 times a year and you’ll spend £150-200 on the same awful pair of jeans. So why not save that money up and get these Acne Jeans?

Sure, at £177 you could get cheaper jeans but why put yourself through that ordeal? It would be the equivalent of watching Lead Balloon instead of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Bill instead of The Wire. Dane Cook instead of Bill Hicks. Taxi Driver instead of….you get my drift. It would be a bad choice.

By admin | April 17th, 2008

  • LynGordon

    I’ve spent close to £150 on jeans from time to time. And my experience is that they wear out just as fast as cheaper jeans. But for all I know, acne could be all different.

    In addition, I find that if your body is nonconformist, then the expensive jeans won’t look any better on you than cheap ones.

  • Jason

    Which jeans did you get that wore out so quickly? Acne’s jeans are great quality and justify the price, whilst some other brands are simply overpriced.

    Of course, if the jeans don’t fit your body type then they won’t look good regardless of how expensive they are. Fit is more important than price in this area.