Still on the lookout for a summer jacket?

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If you haven’t decided what kind of summer jacket that you’ll be wearing, then Refinery29 have a comprehensive overview of eight different types of jacket. If you’re in England, then you may want to get these sooner rather than later, as the weather reporters are stating that it’s gonna be 17C and upwards from Tuesday.

To save you valuable nanoseconds, we’ve condensed them to our eight favourite jackets. You can check where each one is available from after the jump.


(From top left)
Spring Anorak – A-Z Collection Yellow Parachute Jacket, $360 from Bblessing
Refined Field jacket – 3.1 Phillip Lim Journalist Jacket, $550 from 3.1’s online store
Classic Field Jacket – Shades of Griege Military Field Jacket, $200 from Revolve Clothing
New Denim Jacket – 3.1 Phillip Lim Shrunken Denim Peacoat, $425 from 3.1’s online store

(From bottom left)
Classic Windbreaker – Tim Hamilton Windbreaker, $1,100 from Blackbird
Relaxed Trench – 3.1 Phillip Lim Cash Weekend Jacket, $964 from Oak
Tailored Windbreaker – Acne Jeans Monsoon Jacket, about $445 from Acne Baseball jacket – Rogan Raglan Windbreaker, $350 from Barney’s Co-Op