Váronique Nichanian’s ten rules of fashion

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VÁRONIQUE NICHANIAN.jpgRules, rules, rules. Who needs them? Apparently men into fashion clearly do, otherwise men.style.com wouldn’t have monthly features on the ten rules of fashion. This month is Váronique Nichanian’s turn and the Hermes menswear designer chimes in with her ten rules of fashion.

If all of the featured designers stated wildly different opinions then the feature would be très confusing. Who do you follow? Thankfully, this issue never arises. Partly because they talk about different parts of men’s style – Bastian spent most of the list talking about suits and tailoring, Nichanian talks more about personal style – but mostly because the core rules from both are identical: Dress in a manner that suits you and your body shape and don’t follow fashion blindly.

Someone needs to tell this to the chunky one in Joe Lean and the horrible band name.